About us

About us

FlevoProms is an extraordinary event: not only do we try to organise a special concert for our visitors, we also want to provide a special experience for our artists. FlevoProms works with a extraordinary mix of amateur and professional musicians who can learn from each other during, but especially in preparation to these concerts. As our name suggests, we always work with amateur musicians from the Dutch province of Flevoland, and our concerts always are organised with one performance in this province. That however does not mean that we don’t look beyond the borders of this province: our local talent is complemented with musicians from all of the Netherlands, and even from outside the Netherlands!

FlevoPRoms 2021: A virtual journey

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions we are not able to organise a live concert in 2021. Because of that, we are filming a musical journey through the province in 180 degree Virtual Reality. We are filming on a number of touristic attractions throughout the province, including a number of hidden gems.

Some of these scenes are filmed with very special light effects, showing the locations as nobody has ever seen before!

We however haven’t forgotten where we are coming from, and hope to organise a live concert in 2022.

Our participants


Translated as Flevoland Youth Symphony Orchestra. The instruments in the orchestra are played by youthful musicians in the age from 11 to 25 from the province of Flevoland.
The orchestra rehearses every second Saturday morning in a cultural center in Flevoland, under the inspiring lead of conductor Ilia Belianko.

“FlevoProms serves us the chance to cross borders and work together with musicians from other disciplines and countries. FlevoProms connects as making music should be.
The FJSO is proud to be part of the second edition of FlevoProms”


Pop choir Expression from Lelystad started in 2007 and exists of over 50 enthusiastic ladies and gentlemen. They sing English and Dutch pop songs, off course al by heart.

Lead by Chantal Heemskerk they make the choir and public feel the song, with small movements they want to achieve that the choir is also fun to look at.

The choir performs at choir festivals, company parties, in nursing homes and the Agora Theater in Lelystad. They do this with their key player Joris Kromwijk, but also with their own Expression band. More information can be found at popkoorexpression.nl.

“We think it is fantastic to be part of a project where young amateur musicians are brought in contact with professionals and oder amateur musicians like us.
The enthusiasm of the organizers we are convinced that we together will make a fantastic musical journey around the world, which many people will enjoy.”


“To start with, like the first edition we as the Rock-A-Oke band are proud to again be part of this fantastic project
Our motivation to be part of this project is the interplay between different worlds.
On one side the classical music from the orchestra, and on the other hand the pop/rock music that we as band produce.

Both parties learned a lot. For the band how it is to play with a full orchestra, for the orchestra how it is to be small and compact like a band.
The combination between the band and orchestra has proved itself during the first edition of FlevoProms. The interaction can only become better so we can supplement each other musically”